måndag 19 oktober 2009

Romantic bookcase

Yet another piece of furniture has left my workshop. This romantic looking bookcase has been painted in the colour French Grey from Farrow and Ball and the wallpaper is Hummingbird from Cole and Son. If your interested it´s on display at Tapetorama in Malmö

fredag 16 oktober 2009

Colourful Living - ILVA

If you are tired of your white furniture check this out. ILVA made an art event together with artist Kristian von Hornsleth who painted an all white room with white furniture. You will find the pieces on Lauritz.com up for sale.

torsdag 15 oktober 2009

Reader comments - läsarkommentarer

I would like to ask you, my readers, follwers and others that pop in on my blog from time to time for a small favour.

I realise most of my readers are from Sweden but also from other countries that are non Swedish speaking.

SO the question is: What do you think of the blog being in english? Is it allright or would some of you read it more often if it was in Swedish? What do you prefer? Please leave a comment for me to improve and make the blog more interesting for you.

Todays picture is from a delicatessen in Paris. It is still family owned from the start!

Thank you,

onsdag 14 oktober 2009

Report from Paris

So I am back from Paris. And I want to start out by stating the obvious - it was great! Coming from Sweden where the light is fading away quicker than you can change for winter gear it was a treat to feel the last of the summer on your face. Coming back wasn´t so much fun...Anyway.
Inspirational is an understatement for my trip. I want to tell you about so many things. Such as having drink at Hotel Costes which even has it´s own flower shop! Costes hotel is probably most famed for their music compilation of lounge music. Even though the trendiest crowd might have found another drinking spot it is still awesome. And I can tell you that the champagne tasted just as good as it was supposed to.

Besides walking around endless rows of jaw dropping architecture and shops filled with alluring items I went to different antique and flea markets which is one of my favourite ways to spend my time. I went to some of the best flea markets where designers and stylists from all over the world come to hunt for unique items hard to find elsewhere. Les Puces des Saint-Ouen is a gathering place for several different antique markets. The different markets have a different orientation. It was like coming to santa´s factory because you feel like you find everything you didn´t even know you wanted or that it existed!

Clearly you can find anything here. Stuffed giraffes or never used fashion accessories from the 20´s nothing is impossible to find here it seems.

torsdag 8 oktober 2009


I recieved my own copy of Paris Made by hand by Pia Jane Bijkerk as well as Tossed and Found by Wary Meyers. Two quite different books but equally interesting in their own ways. Bijkerks book I´m going to make use of this weekend when I go to Paris. I hope to find a few of the tucked away secret little shops she writes about. Bijkerk is a stylist and photographer in Paris and Amsterdam and shares her private black book of stores where she finds unique things she uses in her work.
The Wary Meyers book is really inspiring and clever. With this book they show how they come up with new and fresh ideas for things headed for the dumpster. In their hands anything really becomes something interesting and useful. Planters become ceiling lights and so on. So my recommendation is: buy both!

söndag 4 oktober 2009

Chandelier Creative

The magazine OUT has named the most important Tastemakers of the year. Highly creative and inspiring people working in all kinds of fields and businesses. From chefs to designers with one thing in common. They are on the edge with their creativity. Chandelier Creative a creative agency based in New York. These pics are taken in their penthouse office. No boredom going on in that place. As a swede I was amused to see that they had used a fabric for their chairs by Josef Frank. (You´ll be able to find his designs if you follow the link) Their chesterfield sofa is upholstered in black latex. Anther swedish design is the black life size horse by Front Design. The doors are my favourite. Hand carved containing such things as tea pots and spiders. At the Noho office of his advertising agency Chandelier Creative, the staff has china and crystal for their lunches. There are fresh flowers on the purple piano. Each employee’s desk is different; they are found at flea markets and lacquered black for visual uniformity.