söndag 30 augusti 2009

Etno is back

Once again etno influences are back, if they ever left. I´m not sure. However there is a lot to be inspired from in this rich and colorful bank of ideas that span so widely. The pillow and teddy bear are hand made by refugee women from Zimbabwe. Each item tells the womans own story. Everything available from Afroart

From Great Britain with love

There could be no mistake to as where in the world I was.

This car was custom made inside and out. With seats and the rest of the interior in cream and pink. Of course the woman that owned it had two yorkshire terriers;-)

How typically British. Very inspiring though.

During a trip to England not long ago I came across some great stores that I want to share with you. Such as Bloomsbury Store in Bath. Where I bought my first Pantone mug in orange. Inspiring and yet a retro feel to them reminiscent of past times typically British in a way. You know that preppy feel from colleges and boarding schools. Filled with hunting gear, cricket playing gadgets and striped ties. Look at Jack Wills for more inspiration. Apart from that the entire feeling going from the airport in London down to Cornwall was partly like travelling back in time. All these beautiful little villages and houses. It made me understand why they are so keen on recording period dramas here.

söndag 23 augusti 2009

Kimono fabric

I find kimono fabric very intricate and fascinating. I have several great finds that will be put to good use some day. Common patterns include cranes and chrysanthemums. Why not take a look on ebay for your own vintage fabrics? There is no stop to what you can do with it.

torsdag 20 augusti 2009

At home with Anna Sui

In this months issue of Elle Decor they have paid a visit to the home of fashion designer Anna Sui. A home that ouzes personal style and is unconventional with lots of attention paid to details. Above is a picture from her stude that among other things has a live size peacock. Look at the antiqued mirrored wall that enlarges the entire room.
Her bathroom speaks for itself really. I like the american way of putting wallpaper in the bathroom. Something swedes should consider as well in my humble opinin. Don´t make them too sterile but add personality. After all you spend a considerable amount of time in there so why not make it in to a room you love;-)

tisdag 18 augusti 2009

Vintage pillow cases

In my neighbouring city of Copenhagen Christina Lundsteen creates unique and beautiful pillows made out of vintage fabrics. Every pillow is unique and with a sense of luxury to it. Look at her home page to find re-sellers.

tisdag 11 augusti 2009


Today I came across a really fun store on the internet. Located in Northtumberland, England. Re-found, has a unique and fun mix of vintage and new things that gives you cravings- like these lamps made from jelly moulds.

torsdag 6 augusti 2009


Some prints never goes out of style. I was called up by my relatives to give some advise on what to do with our homestead dating from ca 1910. So I went to one of the most well assorted wallpaper stores in town and found this beautiful William Morris print in yellow, green, eggshell and marroon. There are several other designs by him that are equally as beautiful. So don´t just look at new stuff but rediscover the old as well. You wont find that your neighbour have the same wallpaper on their walls!