lördag 30 maj 2009

Christian Lacroix

Christian Lacroix world famous for his fashion has unfortunately filed for court protection from creditors--bankruptcy--yesterday. Hopefully we will see more from his famous couture house. But he has also created the interiors for Hotel du Petit Moulin

torsdag 28 maj 2009

Guide to hidden Paris

Pia Jane Bijkerk has just finished her first book that seems to be a must when going to Paris next time! Read her own words below:

"This is a book for lovers of all things handmade, the chic and unique, and of course Paris. In this book I take you off the tourist streets of this incredible city in search of Parisian artisans whose work is truly inspirational, and secreted studio boutiques filled with exquisite Parisian handmade treasures. I’ve been collecting these special addresses in my stylist’s little black book over the past couple of years and now with great delight, share them all with you in Paris: Made by Hand"

Be sure to check out her blog as well for more inspiration.

onsdag 27 maj 2009

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant

I happened to come across this übercool restaurant today. The structure is built on a redwood tree and was a marketing project for the Yellow Pages in New Zeeland for a limited period of time. But I had to show it. Read more about the project http://www.yellowtreehouse.co.nz/

Kenneth Cobonpue

I have been a fan of Kenneth Cobonpues design for a long time. He uses traditional materials such as rattan for his furniture. But not necessarily in traditional designs for that matter. With innovative forms and shapes he creates pieces that looks as if they are hovering above the ground.

Osborne & Little

Osborne & Little just presented an awesome new collection of wallpaper prints. Created by their new designer Henry Wilson. Being an Indian expert that is were he has drawn a lot of his inspiration from.

“The rich combination of wall and architectural detail and soaring architecture
in India can be overwhelming, much of the fine detail is easily overlooked among
the kaleidoscope of pattern and colour. It is these frequently missed decorative
details that I have drawn upon for my designs.”

Osborne & Little

söndag 24 maj 2009

Tom Dixon lounge chair

It seems to be the fad to design furniture made out of steel. And one of them is Tom Dixon. He has made one of the best examples in my opinion. This is the easy chair that probably will make it´s way in to many design obsessed homes which I fully will understand. Think of having one of these on your porch with a drink in hand!

söndag 17 maj 2009

Signs and letters are always a source of inspiration. And N.Y. is bursting with them. Old, new, small, big, decorative, informative or just fun. I like the old ones with neon lights found on old buildings all over the city.

Inspiration New York

Once again I have been to a Jonathan Adler store. It´s just so much fun and inspiring both in style, mix and colour. Located in the heart of SOHO, an area bursting with exclusive shops, trendy people and tourists. Vibrant in every way. Notice the bamboo imitaion dining chairs. They were quite common in the 80´s. You can find them in junk shops and at auctions today usually in dull colours. But see how cool they look here!

torsdag 7 maj 2009

Big Apple here I come

I will be back soon with a full update on my visit to the city of cities!

måndag 4 maj 2009

IKEA lamp

In the new PS collection from IKEA you´ll find this lamp which i really like. Simple yet elegant.

Love to hate

This is a chair model we all have seen once in our life time i suppose. I have truly hated it, but this one is unique. Why? Because it´s made out of wood by dutch designer Maarten Baas. Quite cool I have to admit! It´s made in China out of campher wood.

Garden chairs

Why not buy some chairs for the balcony once summer has reached us in full bloom. These where a bargain at Auktionskompaniet


Just designed some new pillow cases for myself. Fabric brought home from the exotic bazaar´s of Istanbul. The fabric is watered silk that i used the backside of.

söndag 3 maj 2009

Exploring Amsterdam

Just came back from a outstanding trip to Amsterdam. A destination you do not want to miss out on. It has everything to offer. Great dining, bars, shopping, architecture, design, clubs, interesting people- you name it. This time it was Queens Day and everybody got out to celebrate! Perfect weather and high spirits. Here are some inspirational pics from windows and facades.

Design Amsterdam

The entrance at Lloyds Hotel. Former juvenile prison turned into a sleek design hotel
This is the restaurant which serves some excellent food.
At Moooi they had a special event around Swedish antique furniture which was interesting to take part of. Bit pricy but thats what you get when exporting stuff i suppose.
Here´s visiting Pols Potten. Fun and quirky stuff.

A different grip on a dresser...At Droog
Awesome knitted pouffs at the Frozen Fountain

The design scene is fun and interesting. They are not conformists and choose to do as they please. Which i love. Went to Droog, Moooi, The Frozen Fountain, Pols Potten and Lloyd Hotel, to mention a few great places to see. But inspiration is really just around the corner in Amsterdam.