onsdag 29 juli 2009


During my holiday I had the pleasure of travelling by train to Italy. One of my stops was in the beautiful town of Bologna, also known as the red city for it´s many red buildings. It was lined with luxurious stores as well as narrow streets packed with small family owned butcheries and shops for your greens grown in the italian sun. One of these high end stores was a Fendi boutique. It was housed in a fantastic building from which century I don´t know. But you wanted to stay there indeed!

tisdag 14 juli 2009

Sleek and stylish

I was really happy to come across these wall lights the other day at Kvik. Scouring different sites for bathroom lighting finding everything looking more or less the same. But these really will do it for my bathroom project. Not only stylish, but inexpensive as well. They work as an uplight as well as a downlight with a frosted glass at the top and bottom. Available in both black and white. I chose the black one this time.

Source of inspiration

I came across this front door the other day and it belongs to the house of Miles Redd, interior decorator in New York. As I am currently working on a bathroom project and was unfortunate to find the tile I wanted for the bathroom this door was the new source of inspiration for the walls. In english it´s called Robins egg blue, but as far as I´m aware we don´t have a name for it in swedish. Nevertheless a beautiful shade of blue.

fredag 3 juli 2009

Interior talent

Jimmy, a friend of mine, has worked a long time with interior design and interior decoration for television, magazines and tons of other projects. Always innovative and innovative styling with professional gusto. Now you can get ideas from Jimmys blogg. Be sure to tap in and check his updates!


And again some flowers. These were a bargain in Copenhagen on a little plaza next to Magasin - one of Copenhagens most prestigous shopping centres. The little square is always packed with flowers of different shapes, sizes and colours as well as people! So this was my selection.

onsdag 1 juli 2009

Summer mood

It´s easy to change the setting in a room by just adding some flowers and alter the lighting with just some candles. If your bored with your home try moving things around and be creative with what you got in your cupbords and things that can be reworked or altered in some way. This is a dresser I have made in turqoise and decorated with things already in my home.