måndag 29 juni 2009

Bed side manners

How about sleeping in this french bed. With some TLC and lots of gusto it has a totally modern vibe that definitely makes me want to have one in my own bedroom. By Margaret for Chair Couture with fabrics designed by herself.

onsdag 24 juni 2009

Let there be retro light

One of my favourite objects that I always seem to come back to is lamps. And this time is no different. I ran across this über cool lamp foot. It´s apparently from Germany and from the 70´s. The original lamp shade in orange dupion silk is still intact and works all right. But with a new one it would be even better. Old lamp bases are, in my opinion, more original than what we have today. And usually they are a lot cheaper. What you will have to do is to change the cord which is super simple. Voila and there you are with something unique and fashionable!

onsdag 17 juni 2009


If you don´t know how to hang your art Robert Passal shows in great style how to manage. Find an empty space on top of a dresser or similar and just lean the pictures against the wall. Not a new idea but still very easy and clever. And if you don´t have enough pictures use a little fantasy and start framing away things you like. And remember all doesn´t have to be perfectly flat as there are frames that are tree-dimensional.


As I´m a big fan of both pastries and pillows I instantly fell in love with this one. Its as good as it gets - two in one!

torsdag 11 juni 2009

“Driftwood is the new Costa Rican mahogany”

More and more It´s totally 2009 and apparently becoming more trendy to salvage, remake and resell old stuff. And here is another great example of how to rebrand something as plain as driftwood. Carter and Cunningham, a joint venture between partners Mark Welsh and James Salaiz named after their mothers’ families. The two are handmaking mirrors, sculptures and furnishings from salvaged materials in clever combinations with beautiful ceramic pieces from James Salaiz.

tisdag 9 juni 2009

Need some organisation?

Since I am a big fan of letters this dresser appealed to me right away. Inspired from vintage printing blocks and made in solid oak. Perfect for filing anything and everything. Available from Kent and London

Wallpaper by Kicki Edgren Nyborg

When Kicki Edgren Nyborg graduated from HDK in Gothenburg she created three dimensional wallpaper for her degree project. The wallpaper has been divided into three concepts on the theme Alive. This is what the designer says about her wallpaper:

"“WallPlay” is a children’s wallpaper and consists of wallpaper backgrounds and stickers in various themes. The wall becomes a new place to play, tell stories and learn. “Off the Wall” consists of two components and there is wallpaper and a 3dimensional form that is mounted over the wallpaper. The result is that the wallpaper seems to have life, bulges and rolls and these forms become shelves and lamps. “Trans Wall” consists of five different wallpaper related to each other. What distinguishes the patterns is their intensity and form. The wallpaper highlights and intensifies parts of the wall which creates movement and direction in the room."
Kicki Edgren Nyborg

Pictures provided by Kredema

torsdag 4 juni 2009

Summer chair

This window display is from ABC Carpet & Home in New York. I thought it was very inspiring and escecially with Patricia Urquiola’s colorful Re-Trouvé collection of outdoor furniture for Emu. It is fun and colourful with a very expressive shape with a touch of the 50´s and 60´s outdoor furniture.